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    Rick Bass, the Pacific Northwest Trail, and His Yaak Delusion

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    In his recent opinion piece in the Missoula Independent, Rick Bass intentionally makes a series of errors, widespread smears, and outright untruths about the Pacific Northwest Trail (PNT) as it winds (yes, winds Rick, more on that later). Bass’s oppositional rhetoric to the PNT even disinters the ghost of famed grizzly bear researcher Chuck Jonkel… Read more »

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    The Trump Control-Alt-Delete on Climate Change

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    President Trump hit the reset button on government dissemination of climate change information and further research into the issue. The Climate Change page was stripped from and the EPA has been ordered to removed all references to global climate change. The government is actually denying science from its own agencies. There has been a… Read more »

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    Wolves: God’s Perfect Mistake?

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    The bumper sticker on the truck tailgate reads “Smoke a Pack a Day” with wolves in silhouette with an overlay of scope crosshairs. To the left of this disgusting affirmation of violence is a the ubiquitous Jesus fish emblem. I stood and ponder this display of opposing paradigms illustrated upon the same canvas. One decal… Read more »

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    Thoughts on the Bridger Raptor Festival

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    It has been a week plus since I give a couple of presentation at the Bridger Raptor Festival, which is held appropriately at the Bridger Bowl ski area outside of Bozeman, MT. The festival was widely attended with setting a record for the Saturday activities. I know that I had the best audiences that have… Read more »