Mount Sentinel after the first rain in 45 days

It rained…I almost forgot what rain was, but there it was falling from the smokey sky. Vida had the idea of hiking in the cool air, so we decided on a quick hike up Mount Sentinel from the Crazy Canyon trailhead. Mount Sentinel (formally known as Mount Woody) stands above Missoula, and it is the only mountain owned by a university. The University of Montana “M” is located some 600 feet up the western slopes of Mount Sentinel.

Mount Sentinel Trivia

After the Grizzlies of the University of Montana beat the Montana State University Aggies (now known as the Bobcats) in the 1920 football game, Montana State fans climbed up the “M” and painted it bright blue and gold (Bobcat colors). The next morning, a Grizzly noticed the letter’s new paint job, and with the aid of fellow fans, painted the “M” back to white.

Total distance: 6.71 mi
Max elevation: 5148 ft
Vida taking in Missoula from Mount Sentinel

Vida taking in Missoula from Mount Sentinel

Written by Radd Icenoggle

I am a native Montanan, who has spent a lifetime as an outdoors and wildlife enthusiast. I earned a degree in biology with an emphasis on habitat relations. During my studies, I had the great fortune to research and compose a thesis that explored the effects of slope aspect on...
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