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  • HIking 2017

    Hiking to Canyon Lake – Revisiting a Challenge

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    Canyon Lake, a trail that seemed to almost kill us the last time we hike it. The last mile to the lake had my knees sounding like rusty hinges and my legs shaking. I still remember the sore legs for several days after that hike. So, why do it again and see what happens. To… Read more »

  • Hiking 2016

    Canyon Creek & Lake in the Bitterroot Mountains

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    Difficult, but this hike offers great views of Canyon Falls before reaching Canyon Lake. We arrived late (just before noon), and the parking lot  was already filled. This lot serves both the Canyon Creek Trail and the Blodgett Canyon Overlook trailheads.   The trail starts off easy for the first 3 miles, although it is a rather rocky and… Read more »