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  • HIking 2017

    West Fork Fish Creek to the Cathedral of Cedars

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    Looking for a cool hike on a hot summer day? The West Fork Fish Creek starts out hot as we hiked through the blackened spires from the 2015 burn. But eventually, we reach the Cathedral of Cedars where towering western red cedars shade the cool waters of Fish Creek. This is a relatively flat trail that follows along… Read more »

  • Hikes 2015

    Hiking to Carlton Ridge

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    The hike to Carlton Ridge usually leads to the summit of Lolo Peak, but alas, I didn’t have enough time for that today. So, I headed out with Olivia in tow and made Carlton Ridge with it’s rich views and subalpine larch. The hike is relatively steady with a moderate incline throughout the uphill. Once… Read more »

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    Ch-paa-qn Peak and the Full Moon

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    Tackled Ch-paa-qn Peak (pronounced “cha-pock-qwin”) near Missoula in the late afternoon, and man, what a hike! Formerly known as Squaw Peak, the summit takes a bit of effort but man is it worth it! The views of Mission and Bitterroot Ranges are outstanding, and you can even look down on the National Bison Range near Moiese…. Read more »

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    The Deep Snows of Lolo Pass

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    Silence, absolute silence. Not even the croak of a raven breaks the stillness of this white landscape. Deep, light snow covers everything up here near 6,000 feet. Snow ghosts surround me with their bowed tops. As I step forward only the muffled “woomph” of the snowshoe results in any sound. It is so quiet that… Read more »

  • Herping

    Western Skink…well worth the wait

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    So many posts left un-writtened…I will attempt to catch up on this blog and my photography-centric blog, I have always wanted to observe a Western Skink, but alas, the little buggers always eluded me. I remember seeing a lizard on a fencepost when I was a kid, but nothing since. That was true until… Read more »