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Weir Hot Springs and a Wonderful Day

The intense sun is warming the landscape and the snow is receding up the mountainsides. It is that odd time of year when you can’t really hike up too far, but you really want outside in that sunshine. 

Beautiful Day for Jerry Johnson Hot Springs

Starting shortly after 10 o’clock, the first male began giving his territorial hoot with its distinctive double-tap intro. This first calling owl was high…


Mindful Big Year Prologue: 60 on the Christmas Bird Count

“Virginia Rail!”, Tom shouted. Rushing over, we catch a glimpse of the dark rail as it slipped through the dead blades of grass and cattails…


Mindful Big Year

Through 2014, I am undertaking what I call the Mindful Big Year, a year where I aspire to experience birding and the natural world in a mindful way and record the totality of the year in journal entries on this blog.

  • Species Observed: 31
  • Miles Driven: 40
  • Miles Hike: 1
  • Field Days: 1

More Than Birds

More Than Birds explores birding and birds in a holistic fashion that includes conservation, spirituality, politics, culture, and just plain good times.