Beautiful Day for Jerry Johnson Hot Springs

Starting shortly after 10 o’clock, the first male began giving his territorial hoot with its distinctive double-tap intro. This first calling owl was high…


Winter's Walk with Jorge

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The Newly Discovered Cedar Sculpin


Mindful Big Year Prologue: 60 on the Christmas Bird Count

“Virginia Rail!”, Tom shouted. Rushing over, we catch a glimpse of the dark rail as it slipped through the dead blades of grass and cattails…


Wolves: God’s Perfect Mistake?

The bumper sticker on the truck tailgate reads “Smoke a Pack a Day” with wolves in silhouette with an overlay of scope crosshairs. To the left of this disgusting affirmation of violence is a the ubiquitous Jesus fish emblem…


Mindful Big Year

Through 2014, I am undertaking what I call the Mindful Big Year, a year where I aspire to experience birding and the natural world in a mindful way and record the totality of the year in journal entries on this blog.

  • Species Observed: 31
  • Miles Driven: 40
  • Miles Hike: 1
  • Field Days: 1

More Than Birds

More Than Birds explores birding and birds in a holistic fashion that includes conservation, spirituality, politics, culture, and just plain good times.

Tom Stephenson – More Than Birds – Episode 14


Rick Wright – More Than Birds – Episode 13