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    Morel Picking along Big Spruce Creek

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    Out of wildfire comes a delicacy, the famed morel. Notice, I called it a morel, not a morel mushroom. Morels are fungi, but not a mushroom, technically. Anywho, the short hike up Big Spruce Creek goes through a burn that left the charred earth ideal for the growth of morels. [map style=”width: auto; height:400px; margin:20px… Read more »

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    Finding, Harvesting, and Eating the Oyster Mushroom

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    Every year at this time, oyster mushrooms appear from the stumps and fallen logs of cottonwoods along the Bitterroot River. This particular species (Pleurotus populinus) had¬†inoculated a downed cottonwood. Ecology: Saprobic; growing in shelf-like clusters on dead and living wood of Populus species, primarily quaking aspen; causing a white rot; spring, summer, and fall; widely… Read more »