Last Snowy Owls for 2012?

All of this winter, those of in Montana have been treated to an amazing display of Snowy Owls, especially in the Mission Valley. The owls have remained readily visible in a subdivision that sits above Polson and adjacent to agricultural towards Pablo. I have been able to visit on 7 different occasions, and I have taken 100s of images of the owls. But sadly, this enjoyment will come to an end as spring marches forward. The white owls will filter their way north of the arctic Circle, and I probably won’t see them again for another 4 years, when the lemming and owl cycle renews itself.

 Snowy Owl from Polson Hill  Piercing gaze of the Snowy Owl
 Rooftop pair  Rooftop pair in sync
 Staring off in the distance Soft gaze
 Catching a nap in the trees Hanging out in the grass
 Snowy Owl portrait One last look at a Snowy Owl?

Written by Radd Icenoggle

I am a native Montanan, who has spent a lifetime as an outdoors and wildlife enthusiast. I earned a degree in biology with an emphasis on habitat relations. During my studies, I had the great fortune to research and compose a thesis that explored the effects of slope aspect on...
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