The Birding Balancing Act with Bill Schmoker – More Than Birds – Episode 2

The Birding Balancing Act with Bill Schmoker 

In this episode of the More Than Birds Podcast, I talk to Bill Schmoker, a birder, teacher, and father, about balancing birding and life, the latest birding gadgets, and a little bit about digiscoping, at which Bill excels. Check out his blog at

Bill is known in the birding community as a leading digital photographer of birds. Since 2001 he has built a collection of digital bird photos documenting over 600 species of North American birds. His photography has appeared in international nature publications, books, newspapers, interpretive signs, web pages, advertisements, corporate logos, and as references for art works. Also a published writer, Bill wrote a chapter for Good Birders Don’t Wear White, is a Colorado/Wyoming regional editor for North American Birds and writes the Geared for Birding column in Winging It (the American Birding Association’s newsletter.) Bill is especially fond of his involvement with the ABA’s Institute for Field Ornithology and Young Birder Programs. Bill is a popular birding guide, speaker, and workshop instructor and is proud to be a Nikon Birding Prostaffer. Other experiences of Bill’s include conducting fieldwork for Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory and serving as president of Colorado Field Ornithologists. Bill teaches middle school science in Boulder, Colorado when he isn’t birding and he enjoys family time with his wife and son.

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