The Inked Naturalist with Tristan Reid – More Than Birds – Episode 5

Tristan Reid is the Inked Naturalist, who over the last 20 months has been tattooed with 24 birds that are representative of the Turkey. His tattoos have gone up both arms and even into his head. He did all this as a method of raising awareness of proposed hydrologic projects in Turkey that would devastate native bird populations and displace 2 million people. Tristan also plans to walk across Turkey to further raise awareness in the international community, which will benefit to raise much-needed funds for the Birdlife International partner in Turkey; Doğa Derneği.

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Written by Radd Icenoggle

I am a native Montanan, who has spent a lifetime as an outdoors and wildlife enthusiast. I earned a degree in biology with an emphasis on habitat relations. During my studies, I had the great fortune to research and compose a thesis that explored the effects of slope aspect on...
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